CMC18: Get to know our speakers – Dr Shan Thumbran

Is your marriage built on a solid foundation?Make sure you attend the Crystal Marriage Connexion Conference with Dr Shan Thumbran, Reverend Carl Hendricks & special guests speakers – Bradly Paul Petrus & Mandy Petrus, and Darren August & Arlene August for a day full of combined and elective sessions designed to challenge, encourage & inspire you and your spouse.Unbreakable Love!The cost for the conference is only R200 per couple.Please visit our website, inbox us for details on how to buy your tickets, OR you can also contact Annelise on 0114941363 during office hours to secure your tickets. #marriageconference #crystalchurch #crystalmarriageconnexion #itstime

Posted by Crystal Marriage Connexion on Monday, 8 October 2018

Date Appearance Details
08:20 - 09:00am
Signs You Have a Toxic Significant Others! (Success in Relationships and Romance)
The Love Factory On Radio 2000 (Nation Wide) - Every Alternate Tuesday 8:20AM
Crystal Marriage Connexion 2018 "Unbreakable Love"
MorningLive (National TV) Dating Readiness Book
Television: SABC2 Morning Live. South Africa's largest and most popular flagship show!
Radio2000 (SABC - National Radio)
Radio: Radio2000 (SABC - National Radio) Auckland Park Johannesburg
SAfm Radio (National Radio) Dating Readiness Book
Radio: SAfm Radio (National Radio) Dating Readiness Book



Date: October 27, 2018
Time: 9:00am
Appearance: Crystal Marriage Connexion 2018 “Unbreakable Love”
Format: Vlog

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