Dating Readiness What Nobody’s Told You

If you’ve dated before, let’s be real, you’ve probably messed it up somewhat, right?

You’re most likely tired of going from one romantic catastrophe to another?

Or you may be keen to learn ways to cultivate your current relationship or, there may be another, you’re innocent as a snowflake, the only man you’ve ever dated before was your father. You don’t want to mess it up, like almost everyone you know.

Getting the relational game right is essential to you.

Either way, these are great reasons why you have to read this book!


Right Action Lead To Right Direction!

Despite the tremendous pain that results from in those who go ahead with it, the trend in our day is to accept divorce as normal as getting married. But at LONGEVITY the “D” word is abnormal, unacceptable and abhorrent. Divorce weakens the fabric of a healthy society. Children pay the price emotionally and academically.  Individuals entering marriage […]

How To Avoid An Argument

When Every Well-meaning Word Uttered is like Throwing Bullets into a Fire!

Its true, “blessed are the peacemakers…” but sometimes, one can find himself in a situation where every effort initiated toward forging peace seems to fuel the fire of contention, and when every well-meaning word uttered, is like throwing bullets into a fire. So what is the science of being a peacemaker and how can you […]


As frustrating and confusing as your particular setback may be at the moment, as frightening or overwhelming the situation is or have been. Giving up on your dream, business, marriage or anything another thing for that matter is not a good idea.


what it takes to change your situation is much less
of an ordeal than you may think. The issues and problems you think and feel to be mountains and giants are most likely only pebbles and dwarfs.


Some else is fighting a greater battle than you right now.
As for your dream, it is worth fighting for, and investing whatever it takes on your part to make it what it can be, and you will be relieved when you gradually realize,

You will get what you want when you know what to do!


The Question, Very Few People Step Back and Ponder!

A proper understanding of whom you call “friend” will uncomplicate your world and get you much, much further in life. Have you ever been promised by a person something like, “I will be there for you”, “we’ll be together for long, long time,” or “I’m here to stay” -the next thing you know you’re walking […]