I read a saying one day that said, “Honesty is an expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people.”

Well, the same can be said about loyalty, don’t expect it for Christmas from unscrupulous people.

If you did not get it yet let me say it again,

Your Destiny is Connected to Your Loyalty.

WHO you are -define WHAT you become.

So what is loyalty?

Loyalty is a radicule adherence to a principle, person or organization.

One of the truest tests of loyalty is revealed in the company a person keeps.

As Jay Z also once said,

“don’t tell me what they said about me, tell me why they were so comfortable to say it to you?”

Don’t be disturbed when so-called “friends, business associates, ministry associates” expect you to trust them while you are still couching up the water from the last time they let you drown.

Remember,  “True Friends Have The Same Enemies.” (Mike Murdock.)

My advice to you, if a person is full of self, it means they are empty of substance.

Invest in loyal people!


Right Action Lead To Right Direction!

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As frustrating and confusing as your particular setback may be at the moment, as frightening or overwhelming the situation is or have been. Giving up on your dream, business, marriage or anything another thing for that matter is not a good idea.


what it takes to change your situation is much less
of an ordeal than you may think. The issues and problems you think and feel to be mountains and giants are most likely only pebbles and dwarfs.


Some else is fighting a greater battle than you right now.
As for your dream, it is worth fighting for, and investing whatever it takes on your part to make it what it can be, and you will be relieved when you gradually realize,

You will get what you want when you know what to do!


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Obedience to an Instruction is the Prevention of Pain, the Creation of Pleasure, the Birthing of Favour and the Generation of Longevity.

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Thankfulness Brings Increases Into Your life!

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Wisdom is the Presence of Strategy and the Cure for Struggle.

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