In our country, with a former president still esteemed by the ruling party on the loose with over 700 charges of fraud and corruption, how is this happy freedom? Anti-corruption institutions themselves that lost their legitimacy. Our rainbow future dimmed by corruption and drained by overpaid but under-qualified leaders, how is freedom is?   Diverting the […]

CallCenter Training (Corporate Leadership Training)

88% of Your Customers Who Stop Using Your Services or Products Do So Because of Perceived Employee Indifference or Rudeness!

Call Center Training This workshop will lower costs as it can reduce staff turnover.  Participants will improve productivity and performance.   THIS COURSE IS MEANT FOR: Managers and call center agents  who want to: Improve service excellence Improve employee confidence and job satisfaction Please email us to shan@drshanthumbran.com for details. Alternatively, call us on +27 (0) 65 981 […]

10 TOP SALES SECRETS (Corporate Leadership Training)

"Make A Customer, Not A Sale.” – Katherine Barchetti

TOP 10 SALES SECRETS This workshop will help your sales force discover the specifics of how to develop the traits that will make them successful and how to build positive, long-lasting relationships with their customers.    THIS COURSE IS MEANT FOR: For Sales Professionals who want to: Understand the guidelines for selling Close more sales […]

High-Performance Teams (Corporate Leadership Training)

Talent Wins Games, Team Work Wins Championships

HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAMS  This workshop is for teams (Inside the Company) that are focused on achieving the same goals. Individuals do not become a team simply by putting on the same uniforms. Nor do persons suddenly transform into a team merely because they show up to the same workplace. So who is a  true team—one whose members […]


Lifting Abilities, Unlocking Potential!

Leadership development is the cornerstone of all business training and development. Our passion at Ukuphila Leadership Institute  (Ukuphila is the Zulu word, for "life") is the lifting of leadership capacity to unlock organizational potential! All leaders have a "leadership lid."  The lower a person's lid, the lower his ability to lead, the lower his ability to lead, […]

Telephone Etiquette (Corporate Leadership Training)

Not All Storms Come To Disrupt Your Life, Some Storms Come To Direct Your Path!

TELEPHONE ETIQUETTE  This workshop is for call center agents helping them to; improve confidence, increase sales, gain new customers and retain clientele. The workshop is also doe call center management and staff.        Please email us to shan@drshanthumbran.com for details. Alternatively, call us on +27 (0) 65 981 5317 and we will be delighted […]


The Single Biggest Obstacle a Person Faces When Trying to Accomplish a Goal

The blueprint is not in a power point format or sketched on a whiteboard in some bible school. It is hidden deep within God’s Word, principles that govern every aspect of life, including business success. God is the original entrepreneur and Eden is the first market place where gold is the first currency. Adam was […]


Learn How To Secure Success. Discover 11 Principles To Guard You From Foolish Decisions and Actions In Your Workplace!

 The wisdom compressed in the book of Proverbs is filled with practical life and leadership lessons for the business leader.  Proverbs 26 provides us with 11 leadership principles that can advance you in the marketplace.     1) Seek Favour with Your Boss and Honour Him in His Absence     v.1 “Like snow in […]